Cyber Training

CyTech is globally recognized for its team of expert trainers and high-quality training materials. We cover anything from generic cyber security awareness training, to international cyber certifications of ISACA and (ISC)².


I highly recommend Chen as a senior cybersecurity executive, consultant, and certified trainer. I trust that anyone studying under him will benefit from his knowledge, and even more so from his true passion to share it.

Limor Kessem | Executive Security Advisor | IBM Security

The CISO course was very helpful and professional. Chen especially is very knowledgeable and professional and knows how to transfer the knowledge and put the attention on the important issues.

Rafael Papismedov | Security Architect

The course was extremely interesting and comprehensive. Chen's professional experience is reflected in all parts of the program.
The course provided me with a great basis for the CISM exam, and I passed it with a total score of 567 (first attempt).

I.S. | Senior Manager | Head of Global Cyber Security Operations

Chen Heffer is a teacher, but no less important – a mentor – with deep values and clear objectives to march Israel forward in the field of information security and train the future Israeli CISO officers with American standards and bring them to an international level.

Shahar A. |Cyber and HQ Manager at a large insurance company

There is no doubt that I learned many new things in this course, in addition to the preparation for the CISM and CISSP international certifications. I received tools and methodologies that I was not familiar with, and also made new connections in class with dozens of other CISOs.

Tomer Smolanski | IT Seebo Manager and IS Consultant | CisoSec

On a professional level, it is clear that he knows how to talk before an audience and get their full attention, to alert and stimulate the student’s mind, and to identify strengths and weaknesses and adjust the lecture accordingly.
Chen’s level of knowledge and understanding of the material is remarkable.

Roy Shalev | Head of Infrastructure and IS |Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

Chen's ability to organize, present and explain the material in a clear way together with his passion to the subject and vast professional experience in the field provided us the students with added value toward our own professional careers.
The personal attention and dedication Chen gave the students is truly exceptional and assisted me personally (as well as many other classmates) to succeed and pass on my first attempt both the CISM and CISSP certificates.

Eeron Akslerod | VPN Team Leader

The course exceeded all my expectations and was a tremendous help to me as I entered my role as a CISO, and helped me improve my abilities working with senior executives at my organization.

Dekel Oshri |CISM, CISO, Head of Information Security

I learned a tremendous amount from the course, covering all aspects of the CISO field. Chen took the time to give each of us his personal attention and made sure that we were learning and enjoying the class.

Dani Blint Midrony |IT System Administrator

The course itself is at a very high level. It is challenging and develops one’s ability to think out of the box.

Yaniv Abutbul |Infrastructure & Information Security Manager

The material he used was professional, focused and useful and helped convey the material in a way that all the students, myself included, were able to understand and implement it. Chen’s professional life experience was evident and appreciated by all the students and added to the success of the course.

Eli Vardi |Head of Information Security

Throughout the course, Chen shared his vast experience from working in Israel and abroad and this added a lot to the course. He exposed various levels of the world of information security before the students and presented it through a business and organizational perspective, as well as introducing us to tools and technologies, the importance of understanding this field, and more.

Sivan Tehila |Information Security Consultant, Israel Railways

Cyber Executives

Our focus is on training a new generation of security executives with an emphasis on strategy, executive interactions, and innovative and effective methodologies Our executive CISO training program, in cooperation with the Magid Institute and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is known for its quality trainers, trainees and learning material.

This program includes all the essential elements of cyber-security from strategy, governance, and enterprise risk management to controls architecture, implementation, and management – all from an executive-level perspective, with an emphasis on knowing how to effectively lead cyber security and communicate with all levels of the organization.

Professional and effective training is based on hard work, partnership between trainers and trainees, and mutual respect between all parties involved.

Cyber Professionals

The cyber security industry is booming and there is a high demand for skilled professionals. According to Forbes, there is a global shortage of cyber professionals – in 2018 there was a shortage of 2.6 million positions, and by 2021 we are expected to see an even higher shortage of 3.5 million positions.

Those who make up the global cyber industry need to constantly stay on top of their game – to keep up with new technologies, threats and challenges  – otherwise, they will quickly fall behind.

Our training programs for cyber professionals will teach you both state of the art cyber offensive and cyber defensive skills, so that you have the tools and the know-how that every organization needs today.

You will train with the best by the best.

High-End Certificates

Cyber training is a great idea these days and it is almost a guarantee that any training will give you some added value, sometimes it is merely the network of people you get to be part of that make the difference during and after you take the training. However, global recognition of your skills is a mandatory requirement by organizations that are looking to make their next investment in cyber security. No organization will hire you as a cyber professional just because some private business “certified” you with their own credit. You need to be recognized and certified by a global entity and we are here to take you through that exact journey.

Our globally recognized cyber trainers and mentors will work with you toward your professional recognition and certification with ISACA, (ISC)², SANS, PCI SSC, and EC-Council.

Our multidisciplinary skillset and global experience in cyber security will give you not only the ability to pass the exam but will also give you the in depth understanding of the knowledge behind the professional materials.

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Cyber Bootcamps

As Israelis, we all went through military bootcamp. We remember the sleepless nights and the physical and emotional challenges.  At the same time, we remember our rapid personal growth and the sweet taste of success when we prevailed. Much like a military bootcamp, our cyber training bootcamps are ready for you. Whether you are an individual or a group of individuals within an organization, we can match a bootcamp to meet your needs.

This unique cyber training experience is not for everyone and definitely not for beginners in this field. It is aimed towards those who wish to challenge themselves in an intensive training program that will cover a specific topic or certificate from A to Z in 5 full consecutive days, Monday to Friday, with between 9 to 11 hours of training and practice every day. Our experience shows that bootcamps bring people close to the verge of breaking down and giving up, but then they pull through at the last second and skyrocket above everyone else – and pass the certification exam with flying colors.

Are you up for the challenge?

Senior Management

Let’s face it – senior management speaks a different language, the language of businesses, and we,  the cyber professionals, struggle sometimes to explain and deliver the message of importance and urgency of cyber security to the organization. Recognizing this need, we have created a unique and globally tested Senior Management/Board of Directors Training Workshop. During this workshop, senior management will learn about cyber risk management, ransomware, business continuity, incident response, cloud security and more.

As part of the workshop, members of senior management will participate in an executive cyber incident drill tailored to your organization. We will use ours or your organization’s Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP), and will assign different roles of the CIRP to each participant. We will all work as a group to simulate a true chain of events that led to some cyber catastrophe in the history of cyber incidents.

Management is likely to remember this workshop for very long time.

User Awareness

Many professionals still believe that the human factor is the weakest link in cyber security and for many of them it is almost a lost cause to fight the battle of user awareness. At CyTech, we consider the human factor to be the most important link in this chain. Employees can make judgement calls and use their intuition to stop something if it feels fishy.  Computers will never be able to replace the human factor in terms of making decisions.

CyTech’s user awareness program will empower your workforce to become ambassadors of your cyber security efforts.

Your employees are the building blocks of your business and it is important to trust them and give them the knowledge, the tools and the motivation to be part of the frontline protecting the company’s information assets . We will help you do exactly this.

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