Cyber Research

Our team is committed to learning and improving our knowledge of procedures, techniques, threats and solutions in this ever-changing cyber world. Through our cyber research division, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse and be alert to new developments and concerns. Our consultants are updated on a regular basis as we believe that knowledge sharing is key to CyTech’s professional growth as individual experts and as a team.


The darknet we all hear about is simply another part of the well-known and heavily used – Internet. It’s like that scary part of downtown in your city that you know not to wander into by yourself late at night. The darknet is part of our online life and as such we need to know how to avoid it as much as possible. Monitoring and gathering information from the darknet is a process and is not done in one hit so we need to learn what information is being collected about your organization in order to decipher what the hackers are planning to do.

Once our team of experienced ethical hackers enter the darknet, they listen to what is being said about your company and employees, they search for specific terms that characterize your business, and basically, they think like your hackers.  Our experts know how to put all the pieces together in order to understand what the hackers are plotting to do against your business.

Part of what we do is monitoring, analyzing and researching the darknet so we can alert and provide real time cyber intelligence to our partners – clients and business partners.

Intelligence is an important investment to minimize the effects of war.


Our cyber research division acts as your trusted evaluation partner. We look at emerging technologies and technical concepts and will share our research with your team so you can be better prepared for the upcoming changes in your technical control landscape.

From time to time vendors contact us asking us to look at their products, attend professional training sessions to learn about their new technologies, and even grant us access to their sandboxes to test drive them. We do it with pleasure knowing we represent you, whether you are our client today or in the future.

We want to be able to give you the best of breed technical advice for your cyber security program and it’s important that we understand what products and solutions are out there.

We invite you to become our partner and connect with our cyber research division.

We’re familiar with almost every product out there and are happy to help you sort through the products and vendors knocking on your door.  


As part of our goal to empower businesses through cyber security, we advise organizations on cyber security management methodologies that best suit their business and goals.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time you enter a large cyber security project.  Odds are that we’ve already seen it, worked around it and have a proven methodology that will get you where you need to be faster.

Our business product is knowledge.  When we work with you, our number one priority is to make this knowledge accessible and available to you. This is why we invest our efforts and resources in developing unique work methodologies for your use as our partner.

Easy to follow methodologies create repetitive processes which are then simple to follow and monitor.

Innovation Center

Cyber security challenges aren’t going away any time soon and at times it seems like the “bad guys” are one step ahead of the solutions out there. We want to be proactive and prepared, rather than reactive and confused. The bottom line is: we need quicker and more efficient cyber solutions.  In our line of work, working with various clientele worldwide, we recognize the gaps and needs for new solutions and have therefore created an innovation center so we can bring our ideas to life.

The innovation center is a place for our team of experts to convert their knowledge and experience into applicable solutions.

In working on finding these solutions, we work on seven different levels: identifying, preventing, detecting, responding, recovering, investigating, and predicting cyber incidents. 

Contact our cyber research division to learn more about our home-grown cyber solutions.  

Learning and Innovation go hand in hand. (William Pollard)